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Some sites offer general apps where you need to enter the site's address. Our apps are made individually for each client, have the website's logo, title, contents.

Usually to develop such apps from scratch you need to spend thousands.

One of the best features of all members is 3DCity which can be run in an ordinary browser.

This is a perfect way of interacting for those who still have fear to see each other in person.

2nd: Be cautious before sharing any personal details with other members.

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The users just download your app, with your name and logo, and log in. This is a lot better than the old obsolete model of plain monthly charges when the user "notices" the big payments very well and may wish to stop them at any moment. No professional dating or social networking site in the world is run is something like Word Press.

Each member feels unique so we developed a special means of underlining the uniqueness, the Smart Profile.

Here our members can draw, publish videos and music, change background colors, etc.

This is what your clients will see when opening the apps of most of our competitors: Have you seen anything like this on any professional dating or social networking website? Now you have your own website and now can use it the way you want. Currently we are working on 8 new templates and mobile apps.

Do you imaging an app asking you to enter "facebook.com" into a field to be able to use the Facebook app? EACH of our apps is hand made by us and provided to each of the clients with his logo, name, etc. You start customizing your website, putting your logo, texts, images, colors, etc. Some of them are a bit more for dating and some are social ones. Urban is meant to create very profitable (up to 6000% more income) dating websites. Urban has many ways of charging the members: Gifts, Credits, Super Powers, Spotlight, Popularity, etc.


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